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2020 Liver Detox
Lose weight, break food & mental addictions, reset your metabolism.
14 or 21 Day Cleanse.
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Chinese Medicine
Shen Ming Health uses the ancient wisdom of this complete time-tested medicine to restore balance and promote healing.
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Meet Dr. Sievers
Trained in both eastern and western medicine, Dr. Sievers uses an integrated approach to keep you in optimal health.
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Anti-Aging Medicine
Shen Ming Health uses advanced laboratory testing and the most current anti-aging research to keep you feeling young and strong.
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Health Insurance
Acupuncture is now an essential benefit covered by all health insurance plans in the state of California.
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Our Clients Say it Best
  • After eighteen unsuccessful months of casting, crutches, rocker-soled splints and shoes, physical therapy and massage trying to repair two painful broken bones in my foot, my bones were not healed and any activity on my foot was painful. I saw Dr. Sievers and after 8 treatments the bones were healed and the pain was completely eliminated. Now I am back to my active self! –Robert A., Manhattan Beach, CA

  • Dr. Sievers comprehensive approach helped me get my cholesterol and blood sugar levels back into healthy range. I have more energy and feel more connected to my health and my body.–Elaine K., Santa Monica, CA

  • Thank you Dr. Sievers for your compassionate care helping me with decades of suffering from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Your treatments gave me relief and renewed hope. You are a national treasure!–Catherine S., Torrance, CA

  • Dr. Sievers truly cares about her patients. Her knowledge of eastern and western medicine allows a unique approach to healing that has helped me immensely and opened my mind to new things. –Mike G., Manhattan Beach, CA

  • The treatments I have had at Shen Ming have transformed my mental and physical well-being. Dr. Sievers is a kind, caring doctor who truly cares about her patients and fully invests in each appointment. Thank you for incredible care! –Christina T., Playa Del Rey, CA

  • I absolutely love the time spent on meditation. It is the most peaceful time of my week. Thank you for bringing this new awareness to my health! –Megan B., El Segundo, CA

  • After trying to conceive for over one year, I began treatments with Dr. Sievers. With acupuncture, Chinese herbs and meditation, she completely changed the way I felt mentally and physically. 3 months later I was pregnant and now I have a beautiful healthy baby girl! –Laurie S., Redondo Beach, CA