Acute and Chronic Conditions

As a complete medical system, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is equipped to support optimal health and treat virtually any health condition. Whether it is a concern that is new or a problem you have had for years, we will evaluate your imbalance, identify contributing factors and develop a strategy that will return you to optimal health.

Some conditions commonly treated by acupuncture include:

Joint and Muscle Pain
Sport’s Injuries
Bone Repair
Nerve pain
Chronic Fatigue
Colds and Flu
High Blood Pressure
Cancer and Chemotherapy Support

Women’s Health
Mental and Emotional Health
Respiratory Health
Gastrointestinal Health
Cardiovascular Health
Dermatological Issues
Endocrine Health
Autoimmune Diseases
Immune System Health
Brain Health
Stress Management
Weight Management
Metabolic Syndrome/Diabetes

Most health conditions can be treated solely with TCM. Other conditions respond best to an integrated approach with conventional or anti-aging medicine. When treating a severe imbalance, laboratory tests and scans may be requested. In some cases, you may be referred to a western medical specialist to support you in achieving the optimal level of health. At Shen Ming Health, you can be sure that providing you with the highest level of care is our highest priority.

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