Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine

The best of both worlds

Ancient Chinese Wisdom

Health cultivation and disease prevention are fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In fact, Chinese medicine may be the original longevity medicine. From the earliest medical manuscripts and throughout the millennia, Chinese medicine has focused on how to live a long, full life without illness, disease, or impairment. The principle of prevention, termed Zhi Wei Bing, is translated “treat before disease” and is at the core of TCM. Coupled with this philosophy is a thorough understanding of the aging process through the entirety of life. The ancient doctors understood how aging affects our immune system, our hormones, our energy levels, our physical strength and flexibility. They also understood the age related changes in our physical appearance, our sensory systems and even in how we think and feel. From this long history of accumulated knowledge and observation, strategies were developed and refined to protect against illness and disease, to slow the affects of aging, and to strengthen and balance the entire body for optimal health and well being throughout life. At Shen Ming Health, these same time-tested strategies are incorporated into all of our health cultivation plans to help our patients feel their best.

Modern Science

In the west, Anti-Aging Medicine is a relatively new discipline of medicine that also focuses on preventing and treating age related diseases. It uses modern techniques to understand and measure the physiological and molecular pathways that are affected in the normal aging process. It looks for factors such as genetic makeup, toxic exposure, and nutritional and lifestyle inputs that may contribute to accelerated aging or the development of chronic and degenerative diseases and impairments. Anti-Aging Medicine also focuses on all body systems with an emphasis on research into methods that slow aging and optimize healthy longevity. As part of the American Association of Anti-Aging Medicine, we utilize the most advanced laboratory testing to detect functional changes that are associated with degenerative diseases such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, insulin resistance and diabetes. At Shen Ming Health, we are committed to the optimal health of all our patients and incorporate these tests along with the most current anti-aging research into our health cultivation protocols.