Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbology is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). With origins tracing back many thousands of years, Chinese herbs have a time-proven history of effectively treating the full range of health conditions – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Chinese herbology is based on the same principles of TCM that identify imbalances in the body. This complex diagnostic system analyzes the countless differentiations of yin and yang and how they manifest in the body physically and energetically. From this intricate diagnostic process, Chinese herbs are carefully and individually selected to correct the imbalances and restore optimal health.

There are more than 450 medicinal herbs in the Chinese Materia Medica including plants, animals, and minerals. Each of these herbs has been carefully analyzed and tested over thousands of years to understand the individual herbal functions and properties that balance different aspects of the body and restore health. Even individual herbal affinities for specific body tissues and cell types have been identified – perhaps an early glimpse at receptor sites. From this immense herbal knowledge base, the early doctors constructed formulas combining herbs that worked synergistically to treat the symptoms as well as the cause of imbalances. Over thousands of years, these classic formulas have been successfully treating the imbalances that cause illness and disease.

Today Chinese herbal medicine offers a healthy, safe and effective alternative to many conditions commonly treated with pharmaceutical drugs. Chinese herbal formulas support the body’s preference for whole substances rather than a single concentrated molecule that often overwhelms and forces subsequent imbalances and unwanted side effects. Chinese herbal medicine also recognizes the individuality of the human body and provides the flexibility to adjust herbs and doses to treat the nuances of the individual’s imbalance and constitution. And because Chinese herbs are so effective, you will see that most nutriceutical supplements use Chinese herbs as the major ingredient.

Chinese herbs come in many forms. Customized raw formulas can be slowly cooked in a liquid decoction. Powdered herbs can be conveniently taken as pills. Longevity tonics can be made into medicinal wines. And some herbs can be prepared as simple teas. At Shen Ming Health, we evaluate your health and recommend Chinese herbs based on your condition, your lifestyle, and your health goals.