Cultivating Your Potential

Your individualized Health Cultivation Plan is your map to optimal health.
With your commitment and our partnership, we can change the course of your health and arrive at a new health destiny. Our Health Cultivation Plans have a three-phase strategy that addresses all facets of your health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Phase One: Stopping the harmful momentum

By identifying and eliminating the factors that are detrimental to your health, we can correct imbalances that are causing illness or compromising optimal function.

Phase Two: Stabilize, repair, and reprogram your system

Regular acupuncture treatments reset the nervous system so that your body can heal and function normally. Lifestyle and nutritional modifications, qi gong and other traditional Chinese therapies reinforce and stabilize the increased functionality.

Phase Three: Maintaining balance and strengthening your system

Learning to live in balance is a dynamic and lifelong cultivation. We will work with you to maintain balance and to bring awareness to factors that can disrupt your health. We also help you cultivate strength through the aging process to avoid chronic and degenerative conditions.


As your partner in health cultivation, we will support you in your commitment to making the small daily changes that will turn the rudder of your health and take you to a new health destination. Our goal is that you cultivate optimal health so that you are strong, active and engaged in life, free of aches and pains, ailments or impairments. We want you to be able to go on that hike, that bike trip to Italy, or play that game of tennis or volleyball, golf with your grandkids and enjoy all of the people you love. We want you to write that book or start that new venture with physical energy and mental focus and excitement. Simply, we want you to have Shen Ming Health: physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional stability, and spiritual inspiration!