Functional Western Medicine

iStock_000043049872SmallFunctional Medicine is a science-based system of medicine that focuses on the biochemically unique aspects of each patient. It is based on the scientific understanding of the interconnected biochemical pathways involved in healthy physiological functioning. With this knowledge, Functional Medicine uses advanced laboratory technology to assess the environmental inputs and the genetic predispositions that influence an individual’s health and risk for disease.

At Shen Ming Health, we believe that the blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine is a perfect marriage of ancient wisdom and modern science. Both medical paradigms embrace the holistic totality of human health and can be combined synergistically. Where functional testing can provide a precise assessment of the patient’s biochemical environment, Traditional Chinese Medicine offers effective treatment modalities that rebalance the biochemical environment. The result is a focused and powerful intervention to restore balance and optimal health.

We offer functional testing for healthy aging cultivation plans as well as for a variety of health concerns including gastrointestinal, immunological, environmental toxicity, nutritional, metabolic and endocrine imbalances. These tests can offer early detection of many conditions such as insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes, nutritional deficiencies that can lead to chronic disease, and oxidative stress and inflammation that can lead to inflammatory degenerative conditions such as cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s. At Shen Ming Health, you can be sure we are committed to your optimal health and longevity.