The classic Chinese medical texts, which have thousands of years of accumulated wisdom, consider meditation as essential for maintaining optimal health and the first line treatment for illness or imbalance.

Meditation calms the heart spirit – the mind with all its thoughts and emotions. The ancient doctors understood that thoughts and emotions are the drivers of behavior and of health. When we are stressed out and our thoughts or emotions are dysregulated, not only are we more likely to make poor health choices but the internal metabolic byproducts of the stress linger in our systems causing more physical damage and more mental and emotional stress. This can become a vicious cycle that we are all familiar with. What did the ancients tell us? At the first sign of physical or mental imbalance, be still and look within. Restore the mind-body connection. This first step at restoring health allows our nervous system to relax and be still. This stillness imparts numerous physical health benefits and it gives us the mental and emotional clarity to analyze reality.

At Shen Ming Health Cultivation Center, we take this wisdom to heart. With each visit you will learn and practice meditative techniques to help calm and balance your heart spirit. You are also invited to The Breathing Room for drop-in meditation sessions to cultivate inner peace.