Menopause is a normal process that results from the natural decline of our hormones as we age. For some women, the changing levels of hormones can be troublesome with hot flashes, night sweats and emotional volatility. For others, the concern may be health issues such as osteoporosis or joint pain that are related to declining hormone levels.

Traditional Chinese Medicine excels at these women’s health issues with centuries-old treatments for women to age gracefully with strength and confidence. Classic herbal formulas smooth out hormonal fluctuations during menopause to eliminate hot flashes and night sweats and to restore peaceful sleep and emotional balance. Classic formulas also support the role of natural post-menopausal hormone levels for strong bones, radiant skin, hair, and eyes, restful sleep, and physical vitality.

At Shen Ming Health, we help you cultivate your optimal health naturally. We combine classic herbal formulas, acupuncture, qi gong, tai qi and other traditional and western anti-aging therapies to help your body transition to post menopausal hormone production. This natural approach avoids interference with the sensitive feedback mechanisms of the hormonal system and ensures that the delicate endocrine system continues to function optimally through menopause and for the many years beyond. At Shen Ming Health, we understand the physical and emotional challenges of menopause and help our patients transition through menopause poised, balanced and inspired for life’s next adventure.

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