Mind & Body Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the Air!

In Chinese medicine, spring is the season of the Liver. During springtime the energy of the Liver ushers in new growth and new possibilities. And it makes sense that springtime is the best time for cleaning – for deep cleaning. It is a time to clear out all the unwanted and unhealthy clutter from your life and from your liver to prepare for the growth and possibilities that this year will offer.

Join Me this Spring In a Complete and Holistic Liver Cleanse: Mind-Body-Spirit

My mission is to help us all achieve Shen Ming Health. To do this, we have to start with the foundation of a healthy liver. The liver plays a vital role in health in both Western and Eastern Medicine:
Physically, the liver’s job is to process every molecule that comes into our bodies. It has to 1) break down complex substances and repackage them so the body can use them and 2) if it is a dangerous molecule, the liver must detoxify and remove it so the body will be unharmed.
Mentally, the liver helps us see possibilities and devise plans and strategies to move us toward our goals.
Emotionally, the liver drives us to grow and to succeed and not give up so that we can share with benevolence.
And Spiritually, the liver inspires us to move forward in life toward our potential.

So How is Your Liver?

The reality is that by the time we approach middle age, our livers have become overburdened – not just through our food, but through the air we breathe, the products we use, as well as life’s experiences including the images we see, the sounds we hear, and the thoughts we entertain. Like Lucille Ball wrapping chocolates at the conveyor belt, our livers cannot keep up with the toxicity coming into our systems. And when our livers can’t keep up, these toxins get sequestered in fat cells and lodged in organs and tissues in our bodies causing a variety of undesirable physical symptoms. Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, we lose our focus, drive and ability to move purposefully and confidently through life.


Symptoms of toxicity

Fatigue * Headaches
Hormone imbalance * Difficulty losing weight
Increase in belly fat * High blood sugar
Digestive disorders * Accelerated aging
Thyroid problems * Bad skin
Dark circles under the eyes * Joint pain
Irritability * Mood changes
Depression * Brain fog * Poor focus
Poor ability to concentrate * Feelings of being “stuck” in life
Difficulty making decisions * Difficulty following through
Difficulty maintaining relationship boundaries and more.

Beyond these undesirable symptoms, toxins are implicated in conditions such as obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, impaired neurological functioning, learning and attention deficit disorders, cancer, heart disease and more. There is probably not a person alive today that has some level of toxic load, but if you are experiencing any of these symptoms or conditions, you should consider toxicity as the possible culprit.

How the Total Liver Cleanse Works

The Shen Ming Total Liver Cleanse is a 14 day detoxification program that combines modern science and ancient wisdom to cleanse and detoxify your liver in all dimensions of health: mind-body-spirit. In this program, you will follow a clean, toxic free diet and supplement regime that supports liver detoxification. You will also follow a mind-spirit cleanse program that includes daily meditations, exercises and journaling that supports the liver’s energetic role to move you forward in your life with confidence and purpose. The Total Liver Cleanse is not a starvation diet nor it is a harsh colon cleanse. It is simple to follow and leaves you feeling satisfied. By the end of the cleanse you will feel lighter, leaner, more energetic, confident and inspired. Each Day Includes:

Cleansing the Body:
Pre-Cleanse Liver Clarify Supplements (NEW THIS YEAR!)
Liver Clarify is a time-tested formula of 15 Chinese herbs that gently clear heat and stagnation from the liver. This one-week pre-cleanse protocol prepares the liver for the maximum benefit of the Total Liver Cleanse Detoxification Program.
2 meal replacement detox shakes and a packet of detox support capsules.
This proprietary detoxification shake powder is a unique and advanced combination of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, fruit and vegetable extracts, and pure herbs thatsupport the overall metabolic detoxification process while balancing Phase I andPhase II detoxification pathways.
Detoxification support capsules effectively support Phase II activity and insure proper protein digestion while protecting the liver from chemicals and other toxins that are mobilized for excretion.
1 solid meal from the approved list of proteins, veggies, fruits, fats and grains.
The list includes whole foods only with no dairy, gluten, or soy. You may be surprised at how much better you feel when you eliminate these foods even if you didn’t have a sensitivity.
Unlimited snacks from the approved list of foods (whole foods)
The meal replacement shakes are surprisingly satiating and you will find that you may not snack much.

Cleansing the Mind and Spirit:
Daily morning meditations to detoxify the mind and spirit.
Each morning you will receive a new 12-minute video meditation to start your day. You will learn to recognize different aspects of the liver energy in your life and how to nourish and support this energy to enhance your growth and movement toward your potential.
Program Guide to identify and remove mental and emotional toxins.
We are unaware of many of the “toxins” in our life that prevent us from being our best and moving us toward our potential. The program guide allows you to have a greater awareness of these elements.
Daily exercises to clear and nourish the liver energy.
Daily reinforcement of new habits and new awareness enhances your growth potential and your ability to maintain the mental and emotional gains you make throughout the program.

You will also receive a patient packet that includes:
Pre-Cleanse Shopping List
Toxicity Symptom Checklist (Pre and Post)
Daily logs
Tai Chi Warm up to connect body – mind – spirit
Tips for staying the course and maximizing your detox results
Tips to detoxify your environment

The cost of the Total Liver Cleanse is $249

The benefit is the chance to feel healthier than you have in years!

  • It will allow your liver to process the accumulated toxic burden so that it can return to the normal functions of healthy metabolism and tissue repair that our bodies desperately need.
  • It will allow you to break unhealthy food addictions such as sugar and caffeine, as well as to identify food intolerances such as dairy, soy, and grains that can create leaky gut and an inflammatory environment.
  • It will help to normalize blood sugar and blood lipid levels.
  • It will help your body shed unwanted pounds especially around the middle.
  • It will boost your energy and reduce aches and pains.
  • It will clear your mind and reignite your sense of purpose and direction.
  • It will help you cultivate a deeper connection to the wisdom and power within.

Begin Your Cleanse anytime this Spring

You can join the group on April 1 or choose a time that works best for you. Schedule one week for the pre-cleanse and two weeks for the detoxification program. Enlist your friends and family to join you in this commitment to health. Wellness lives in community.

It is a privilege to partner with you in health!
Warmest Regards~
Dr. Sievers

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