Nutrition & Lifestyle


Proper nutrition has always been a foundational element of health cultivation. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the nutritional knowledge encompasses a deep understanding of the healing properties and energetic nature of individual foods. These food properties and energetics can be used to strengthen and balance as well as to disperse toxic or pathological accumulations in the body as seen in many disorders such as metabolic, cardiovascular, and neurodegenerative diseases. With daily nutritional health cultivation, food can be used to prevent diseases and increase healthy longevity. At Shen Ming Health, we help our patients understand food properties and energetics. We educate our patients on how to make food selections based on their individual constitutions and specific health challenges so that they can reach their health potential.


Yang Sheng in Chinese refers to the cultivation of a healthy lifestyle for the attainment of optimal health and longevity. With its roots in Taoism, Chinese Medicine and Yang Sheng embrace the cyclical nature of life as it is seen in our natural surroundings. The wisdom in Yang Sheng health cultivation encompasses all areas of life from diet and exercise to sleep, meditation, and even the expenditure of mental and emotional energy.

At Shen Ming Health, we follow the principles of Yang Sheng health cultivation. We learn to live in balance. We help our patients to cultivate an ongoing awareness of the subtle energetics that signal a movement away from balance with the subsequent effects as well as the healthy return to balance. As we cultivate Yang Sheng wisdom, we become more integrated physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually so that we can live fluid, harmonious, and joyful lives.