Our Integrative Approach

At Shen Ming Health, we combine the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine with modern bioscience to help you cultivate optimal health and balance at every age. Our approach to your health focuses on on three very important levels of integration: whole body, whole life, and whole medicine.

Whole body integration

We are committed to the holistic health of our patients – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These human dimensions are inseparable and indispensible for optimal health. When these dimensions are in healthy balance we experience physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional confidence, and spiritual inspiration.

Whole life integration

We view optimal health and longevity as a continuum and not just a point in time. This integration of health throughout life is undeniable and inescapable. The choices that we made yesterday and today will be with us tomorrow. That’s why we look at your past and present health challenges and help you move forward with a strategy that will change your health trajectory and lead to better health outcomes for a richer, fuller, more active and satisfying life – all along the way.



Whole medicine integration

We are committed to the best available care for your health and believe the best care comes from an integration of eastern and western medicine. Western science provides the biochemical understanding of health and disease processes along with laboratory and imaging technology. Traditional Chinese Medicine provides the ancient wisdom of the mind-body-spirit involvement in health and disease processes. Traditional Chinese Medicine also provides us with uniquely comprehensive diagnostic methods and an array of effective treatment techniques. With this integrated whole medicine approach we are committed at Shen Ming Health to providing our patients with the most comprehensive care for optimal health.