Our Practice Style

As an integrated health center, we diagnose, treat, and cultivate your health with you based on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles backed by the research and technology of modern science and anti-aging medicine.


practicestyleAs a doctor of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Sievers diagnoses classically according to the evaluation of Yin and Yang in the body in all of its complex and holistic manifestations. Your first visit will begin with a complete and detailed history including diet, lifestyle, and social-emotional factors. Dr. Sievers will evaluate the condition of Qi and blood, along with the functioning of the organ systems. Then she will use tongue and pulse diagnosis for a complete determination of your health condition.


Complementing the Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis, Dr. Sievers also utilizes modern medical methods to insure the most complete care for her patients. We request and review lab and imaging reports from previous healthcare practitioners and encourage all of our patients to receive age appropriate standard screenings. In cases of pronounced imbalances, we may order blood work or imaging or refer you to a western medical specialist for collaboration. For our Healthy Aging patients, we utilize the most advanced anti-aging nutritional and biochemical laboratory testing in order to assess your risk and detect the earliest signs of functional changes that may indicate the beginning of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, insulin resistance and diabetes.


Based on your diagnosis and the severity and chronicity of your health challenge, Dr. Sievers will recommend a treatment plan to restore balance and functionality and to cultivate your optimal health. The treatment plan will include traditional therapies such as Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, electrical stimulation acupuncture, and non-needle therapies such as cupping, moxibustion, ear seeds and acupressure. These therapies are selected and combined to address your individual imbalance and health goals.

Health Cultivation

At Shen Ming Health we will support you in making small daily changes to cultivate your optimal health. First, we educate you in maximizing your nutrition with specific foods to include and exclude based on your constitution and health concerns as well as educate you in improving your food attitude. We will also make recommendations on supplements and nutriceuticals to prevent degenerative conditions and to enhance your health and longevity.

Secondly, we will support you in cultivating lifestyle choices that will benefit your holistic health and longevity. We help you identify and modify areas of your life that may be out of balance. We may also make suggestions to strengthen your health based on traditional principles of longevity.

Finally, we will train you in Qi gong exercises including meditation and tai chi to balance and strengthen your mind-body connection. This important yet greatly overlooked element of health cultivation soothes the nervous system, strengthens and balances the immune and endocrine systems, and creates the internal environment for our bodies to heal and repair most efficiently and completely.