Stress Management

The World Health Organization has called psychological stress a worldwide heath epidemic. Indeed, unhealthy levels of stress are a daily occurrence for many of us. Why the concern? Stress robs us of physical vitality, mental clarity, and emotional confidence. Stress impacts sleep, digestion, metabolism and accelerates the negative affects of aging and leads to the development of chronic and degenerative conditions. In short, stress prevents us from living the life of optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health we desire.

Certainly, we cannot eliminate stress entirely. Some amount of stress is arguably healthy. But when psychological stress begins to disturb normal physiological functioning, it is a clear indication that rebalancing is in order. Some of the first signs of unhealthy levels of stress are disturbed sleep, poor digestion, fatigue, mental fog, and an increase in aches and pains. These signs indicate that mental and emotional dysregulation has penetrated the physical level and needs attention before the stage is set for the development of serious chronic conditions.

At Shen Ming Health, we help you recognize when your stress levels have tipped to an unhealthy balance. We evaluate your physical health with an emphasis on adrenal functioning and its impact on your cardiovascular, immune, metabolic and nervous system health. With a personalized health plan using Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle modifications along with tai chi and qi gong, we help you regulate and reinforce healthy mental and emotional functioning and restore your physical body to optimal health.



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