Hot Summer Nights – Free Meditation

Come join us every Thursday night through August for a complementary meditation session from 7:30 – 8:00pm.

Each week offers a different experienced facilitator to help us cultivate peace and clarity!

Space is limited so reserve your spot by emailing us at info@shenminghealth and let us know which Thursdays you will be joining us!

Welcome to The Breathing Room – the premiere meditation studio serving Manhattan Beach and the South Bay.

Our mission is to provide a calm, peaceful environment where you can drop-in and indulge in stillness – where you can cultivate a state of peace that overflows to your entire being. We want you to experience the powerful effects of meditation, to feel inspired, to be present, to have renewed hope and optimism, to have improved relationships and increased joy.

Meditation changes your brain. Meditation changes your life.

Meditation changes your brain. It changes the way you think by softening thought patterns that may be preventing you from being the best person you can be. It allows you to consider new ways of thinking, new ways of being. Meditation changes your life.

Why Meditate?

The Breathing Room meditation studio in Manhattan Beach is open to anyone who wants to cultivate a greater sense of calm, focus, improved health, improved relationships, productivity, creativity, happiness. . . the benefits are innumerable and there are no known negative side effects.

Documented Scientific Benefits

    • Changes your brain
    • Reduces blood pressure
    • Lowers risk of heart attack and stroke
    • Benefits immune health

  • Improves healthy living choices
  • Slows aging
  • Reduces sensitivity to pain
  • Decreases stress and anxiety
  • Decreases panic attacks
  • Decreases loneliness
  • Increases productivity
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Improves memory
  • Improves grades
  • Increases brain growth
  • Improves your mood
  • Makes you happier and more optimistic
  • Increase awareness so that you can make the most out of NOW

Breathing Room FAQs

  • Breathing Room Etiquette:
    • Plan on arriving 10-15 minutes to park and settle in.
    • Remove your shoes in the lobby and turn off your phone.
    • Leave your cell phone in the lobby or in your car. No cell phones allowed in the Breathing Room.
    • The Breathing Room is a peaceful sanctuary with no talking. Save your conversation for outside of The Breathing Room.
  • Where should I park?
    • The Breathing Room meditation studio is located within Shen Ming Health Cultivation Center at 2009 Cedar Avenue in Manhattan Beach.
    • There is a small lot in front of Shen Ming Health Cultivation Studio/The Breathing Room.
    • There is also street parking on the west side of Cedar and on the neighboring streets.
    • The large parking lot below is accessible off of 18th street or off of Sepulveda behind Manhattan Bread & Bagel/Rubios. If you park in the lower lot, take the staircase up the south side of Pops studio to the upper level/Cedar level to The Breathing Room.
  • What if I am new to meditation?

    Don’t worry – if you can breathe, you can meditate!
    Meditation is a PRACTICE that improves WITH practice. Think of your mind like a puppy dog. In the beginning, it just can’t be still for more than a moment. But with training, just like a puppy, you can take control of your mind. And with practice, you can soften those repetitive thought patterns – or neural pathways – then the mind becomes unlimited to infinite possibilities. . . health, happiness, creativity, a new way of thinking and being.

    Every day is different. And even if some days aren’t easy – it is always simple.

    Here are the basics:
    1. Breathe: Slow down and experience your breath.
    2. Focus: Focus your mind on your breath, a mantra, an image
    3. Relax: Slowly let go of the focus and experience nothingness
    4. Think: When you notice a thought, simply acknowledge it and go back to the breath.

    Some days you might spend most of your time in #4. Don’t worry! You are retraining your brain. Mental hygiene is not something many of us grew up with! But stick with it and you will see results!

  • Which style is best for me?

    You will be the judge of that. Every class meets you where you are – from a first timer to a seasoned yoda. Try it all out and see what works best for you at your stage of practice.

  • What if it is too hard or uncomfortable to be in a sitting position for 30-45 minutes?

    At The Breathing Room, we have reclining chairs that are adjustable from fully upright to fully horizontal. If you prefer sitting in a chair, we have chairs in the back of the studio.