Traditional Chinese Medicine

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back over 3000 years and may be considered the most complete and time-tested system of medicine. It views the human body in paradigms that are unfamiliar and often confusing to those of us from the west. Its underlying basis is that all of creation is born and maintained by the interdependence of two opposite principles of Yin and Yang. These two opposites are in constant motion with countless manifestations and divisions, creating a dynamic fluctuating balance in a healthy body. When Yin and Yang are out of balance, the result is illness and disease.

What is the Mind–Body-Spirit Connection?

Foundational to Chinese medicine is the ancient understanding of the mental, emotional, and spiritual connection to physical health. From its early beginnings, Chinese medicine observed that ultimate health must reside simultaneously in all of these human dimensions and that dysregulation in thought or emotion creates a cascade of internal changes that can result in physical illness. Through thousands of years of observation and by using the principles of yin and yang, the ancient doctors became experts at breaking down the nuances of each of these dimensions and their distinct interaction with the physical body. They diagnosed precise, detailed patterns of physical health and disease that are influenced by mental, emotional, and spiritual dysregulation and they developed effective treatment strategies to restore healthful balance.

What is Qi (chee)?

Also unique to Chinese medicine is the observation of immaterial energetics in the body. Qi, which can be translated as vital life energy, is the force that animates, energizes, and communicates information throughout the body. It is considered to be the unconscious intelligence of life. Qi flows through an organized meridian network within the body and its smooth flow through the body is a prerequisite for health. Any obstruction in the flow of Qi creates an imbalance that marks the first sign of disease. Recognition and proper evaluation of this energy provides a valuable first indication of an imbalance that, if left uncorrected, can result in physical illness and disease.

What types of therapies are used and what conditions can be treated?

Treatments to restore balance and the smooth flow of Qi include Chinese herbs, acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, moxa, and qi gong along with diet and lifestyle modifications. Together, the diagnostic and treatment therapeutics create a complete system of medicine that can be used to treat a full range of health conditions including:


Endocrine Function
Immune Function
Brain Health
Weight/Metabolic Health

Women’s Health
Stress Management
Sleep Disorders