Weight & Metabolic Health

We all know that maintaining optimal weight is associated with better overall health and longevity. Being overweight compromises cardiovascular health, is hard on our joints, and can lead to metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and diabetes among other chronic and degenerative conditions. Despite these clear health concerns, weight management may be the most confusing and frustrating area of good health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has long recognized the importance of weight management and metabolic function in optimal health and longevity. However, in today’s environment metabolic balance is challenged by toxins, pesticides, preservatives, processed foods, and even pharmaceuticals. As the body’s metabolism becomes more and more unbalanced, we start to feel bad. We have low energy, food cravings and addictions, bloating, poor elimination, and even poor sleep, emotional discouragement and diminished concentration. And what’s worse is that our efforts to diet and exercise don’t seem to make any improvements.

At Shen Ming Health, we are committed to restoring your metabolic balance before the cascade of detrimental health effects is set into motion. We will thoroughly evaluate your overall health, constitution, diet and lifestyle. We assess your digestive functioning including cravings or addictions, food allergies, and exposure to toxins. We perform a blood analysis to assess blood sugar, insulin, lipid levels and pancreatic function. Using a variety of traditional Chinese therapies, we work to restore proper digestion and absorption and to improve energy levels, weight and metabolism. We partner with you to make dietary and lifestyle changes so that you can achieve the physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional confidence and spiritual inspiration you seek.


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