Youth and Young Adults

It’s not always easy growing up and at times it can be an absolute challenge navigating through the teenage and young adult years! The pressures for achievement and performance while at the same time just trying to figure out what it means to be you can throw anyone off balance. When we are out of balance we can have feelings of anxiety, depression, poor sleep, poor mental focus, confusion about life’s direction, a feeling of being stuck, overwhelmed or just stressed out. For some it can mean obsessive-compulsive behaviors and even addictions.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is uniquely suited to help teens and young adults regain their balance, find their “sweet spot” and thrive during the complicated years of growing up and setting out into the world. As a holistic medicine, TCM addresses the mental and emotional components of health, which ultimately affect the nervous system and the production of neurotransmitters and hormones. By balancing these components of health, teens and young adults can find their authentic selves and respond to the world with flexibility and confidence.

14509670_s-240x300At Shen Ming Health Cultivation Center we combine a variety of Chinese modalities to address the individual concerns and challenges of all our young patients. For patients who prefer not to receive acupuncture, we use non-needle therapies such as auricular press seeds along with Chinese herbs, Qi Gong, and nutritional and lifestyle modifications. Health cultivation plans for youth and young adults build inner strength and clarity of purpose, improved focus and concentration, inspiration and an improved sense of self, and mental tranquility and improved sleep.

At Shen Ming Health we are committed to helping our young people get grounded and move forward with purpose to joyfully discover their potential.

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